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LIVE sports viewing is one of the best places to have your TV spot seen!  Why? More than 90 percent of linear sports content is viewed live, making it a valuable place for advertisers to reach engaged audiences.  That means your commercials are not fast forwarded through! People love their teams, they are engaged, loyal and consuming everything they can about the players and teams. This offers you a great opportunity to be a part of the fan base and enjoy a lot of the same benefits!


Sports opportunities are not all the same. Each sport has their own target audience with various strengths and weaknesses. For example, golf and tennis have lower overall audiences than does NFL or MLB. However, both golf and tennis have an extremely high income audience. Some sports offer the ability to develop a high frequency in a short time while others take longer to get the same frequency. Research and the ability to see trends and insights is the key to understanding each audience.


Some of the benefits of using ACR Strategies to help you evaluate, plan and buy sports are:


1. Evaluate and make recommendations of all sports sponsorship packages that you receive from your TV, Radio and Digital vendors. We evaluate the packages based on how well they deliver your target audience and for what CPM. In addition, we analyze the vendors stats and, if needed, we develop estimated ratings, reach, and frequency estimated against your target audience. This service only can save you time and money!


2. Planning and buying sports is not easy. It must be done with research and, sorry to say, trusting alone in the research supplied by your sports vendor may not be in your best interest. Remember, most of the sponsorship packages are developed with the vendors goals in mind, not yours. ACR Strategies will ensure your objectives are at the forefront of any media planning and buying. In addition, our founder has over 35 years experience selling sports sponsorships so he knows how to spot items that are not in your interest and negotiate with the vendor to change the package to better match your expectations.


3. Help develop new revenue streams that may be available for your product/service.


4. Free up your time dealing with media reps. We do the work for you.

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