When a man goes all-in for Jesus, his influence reverberates through to his wife, his kids, his workplace, his community and his church. He becomes a disciple-maker if only through the sermon of his life. He’ll become a more generous giver, both of his time and his treasure. He’ll draw other men to Jesus and to himself and to his church. Over time, his friends will be attracted to what he has and how he lives. Men in the church will respect and follow him.   


Research states that when a mother comes to Christ, her family will join her at church only 17% of the time; but when a father comes to Christ, his family joins him 93% of the time! So, how do you reach men ... SPORTS!


ACR Strategies recently designed an innovative "Sweet Spot" strategy for a Church that is showing very promising results. We helped develop a "Man Cave" page on their website showing videos of famous sports stars talking about their faith. Check it out.


We employed AdMessenger to advertise to men who liked sports and directed them to the man cave page. Check out the AdMessenger ad.


ACR Strategies donates 20% of their revenue to help churches increase attendance through the use of sports. We would love to talk with you about this program. Please contact Don Koehler at 352-363-9682 or email


"How to Increase Your Attendance"

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