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What is a Church?

Source: NFLUENCE: Day 7 • Devotional

Not only is He with us, He has also given us the church! The church is a lot more than singing and preaching and youth group. It’s a community! It’s you and me and everyone else that claims Jesus as their Savior. And that’s amazing!

The church is full of misfits and saints. It is beautifully complex because it is all of us! And we all get to be there for each other, each of us being a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Your influence extends into your local church, and your church’s influence extends into your community through you.

You’re not on your own. You are a part of a family, a support system, a body. Each part of this body gives life to the other parts. Did you know that your toes are alive because they’re connected to your foot which is connected to your ankle that’s connected to your leg which is connected to your hip... well, you get the point. Being a part of the church is like being a part of the body, we give life to each other. 


THINK ABOUT IT! What does it mean to you that you get to be a part of the church?
REFLECT! What can you contribute to your church community? What have they contributed to you?
PRAY! Lord, thank you for the church! Thank you that I’m not alone! Use me to bring life to my church and to extend the life of my church to the community!


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