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ll equipment and tools that we employ start with your goals and objectives and a thoroughly researched understanding of your target audience. Then, using research and data mining, we identify opportunities to expand your revenue streams through sports.


Sports opportunities are not all the same. Each sport has their own target audience with various strengths and weaknesses. For example, golf and tennis have lower overall audiences than does NFL or MLB. However, both golf and tennis have an extremely high income audience. Some sports offer the ability to develop a high frequency in a short time while others take longer to get the same frequency.


Research and the ability to see trends and insights is the key to understanding each audience. Below are some equipment and tools we use to help us develop a "Sweet Spot" strategy designed to expand your revenue streams.


Nielsen Media Research


ComScore Research


Scarborough Research


Media Audit Research


Simmons Media Research



Once the match between your target audience and a sports audience is developed we contact sports vendors, a comprehensive sports media plan is developed for you and, once approved, we place all the media on your behalf. Below are some of the major vendors we use..


TV sports vendors such as Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Streaming services, Regional Sports Networks and others.


Radio vendors such as ESPN, Fox Sports, local sports radio stations


Digital vendors including AdMessenger Mobile service, Spectrum (Display and Video ads, Keyword targeting, re-targeting, etc.), Google PPC and others.


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