Maximizing sports revenue streams for local sporting events and schools is extremely hard to do and requires out-of-the-box thinking. The key is knowing your audience and who could benefit from your event and why. Then designing a professional sponsorship package that contains elements that are valued by local advertisers. Some advertisers just want to help you out, some want to be associated with your event/school and others are looking for true media value.


In order to develop a sponsorship package with elements that local businesses really value, you need to have a tremendous understanding of local ad advertising and local business wants and needs. In addition, you need facts and figures to back up your sponsorship. This is extremely hard to do yourself. ACR Strategies has been doing tasks like this for over 30 years and has helped local events and sports expand their sports revenue.


Recently, ACR Strategies designed a strategy that built TV awareness for a non-profit and was paid for by a local advertiser. Both parties won!


We would love to help you expand your revenue streams. We customize each strategy. Let's talk! We can be reached by calling Don Koehler at 352-363-9682 or by emailing

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