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Maximizing sports revenue is paramount for any TV, Cable, Radio or Digital media. The cost of sports programming is extremely high so the return on that investment must be maximized. Sports inventory is always in need of attention, tracking and research in order for sellers to effectively sell to their advertisers. 


Sports opportunities are not all the same. Each sport has their own target audience with various strengths and weaknesses. For example, golf and tennis have lower overall audiences than does NFL or MLB. However, both golf and tennis have an extremely high income audience. Some sports offer the ability to develop a high frequency in a short time while others take longer to get the same frequency. In addition, team matchups, player match ups, where a team is in the standings and many other factors have a stake in the value of the sponsorship package. Most salespeople are not equipped or have the time to stay abreast of all the sports and match ups. This requires a dedicated resource. However, this resource doesn't need to be a full-time person. A "free agent", like ACR Strategies can help you maximize and expand your sports revenue without the expense of a full time person on staff.


Research, passion and the ability to see trends and insights are the keys to understanding sports and maximizing revenue. Developing the right "Sweet Spot" strategy is one way we can help you. Below are a few of the Strategies that we have used to expand sports revenue streams.


1. Maximize sports ratings by the utilization of research and digital.


2. Segmenting your sports audience and a strategy to boost each segment's engagement by x%.


3. Design an "easy to understand and how to sell" training for all salespeople.


4. Offer a "Sports Demo Blocker" which combines all sports airing on given nights across all sports channels.


5. Design and develop a "Sports Bubble "approach for local car dealers.


6. Inventory system - track all teams matchups and estimated ratings to take advantage of key series.


7. Sports selling contest. 


These are just a few ideas that will help expand sports revenue streams. Let's talk and customize a few key "Sweet Spot" strategies for you! We can be reached by calling Don Koehler at 352-363-9682 or by emailing

Maximizing Sports Revenue with AdMessenger

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