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Research is key to expanding revenue streams. It all starts with a well researched target audience matched with a well researched sports opportunity. Research also must be involved in the content and in the evaluation of the results.


A good mental picture of research is to think of the conductor of an orchestra. Without a great conductor the music produced by musicians will not sound as good as it should. The conductor helps make each part and the whole the best it can be. Research makes the whole much greater than the parts!


There are four parts to research for expanding revenue streams. Part one is using sound research produced by extremely knowledgeable companies that are MRC accredited. Companies like Nielsen Media Research, Comscore, Simmons Research, Media Audit, Google Analytics, etc. Part two is having a person who can develop trends and insights from the research. Third is understanding clients and the sales process so that well researched, valued and saleable sponsorship packages are developed. Lastly, and some say most important, is someone who can present the research in a fashion clients understand and take action. ACR Strategies is well versed in all four areas.


The founder of ACR Strategies, Don Koehler, has the unique sports background and experience in research, sales, and new business development that enables him to develop the "Sweet Spot" strategies designed to expand your revenue stream. His research experience includes Operations Executive for Nielsen Media Research, Research Director for WTSP-CBS and Research Director for the Tampa Bay Interconnect. His sales and new business development experience include Director of Sales & Strategic Initiatives for Bright House Networks, General Sales Manager for WTTA, National Sales Manager for TBI and Local Sales Manager for Cox Cable and Viamedia. In every position Don was recognized as an innovative force behind driving sports revenue. He developed and sold TV advertising for all sports including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College football, baseball and basketball, Little League and College World Series, tennis, NASCAR, PGA, High School football and more.


If you are interested in expanding your revenue streams, I would love to talk with you about how we could work together to accomplish your goals. I can be reached at or  352-363-9682.  

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