Are you a Christian owner or a Christian business leader?


Do you realize how important you are to increasing the influence a Christianity in the world?


If you answered yes to the above two questions we would love to talk with you about ways ACR Strategies can help grow your revenue and make even a bigger Christian influence on society!


We have various strategies designed to help increase sales and revenue for business owners and leaders. Some very effective strategies include our AdMessenger service, Linkedin (Christian groups), Cable TV networks that have a high concentration of Christian viewers, Facebook Christian groups, and Christian radio stations, especially The Joy FM radio group.

Click here to see an example of how we can we AdMessenger to grow your business .. click on the scrolling message and see where it takes you!) 


We have been extremely successful helping business owners and leaders increase revenue and sales operations.  The founder of ACR Strategies, Don Koehler, has over 35 years experience in research, sales, and new business development that enabled him to grow revenue for companies like Bright House Networks, Cox Cable, WTSP, WTTA, Viamedia and many more. He also has extensive research experience having spent 10 years as Operation Director for Nielsen Media Research.


Growing revenue is critical! It is hard to do and requires a lot of out of the box  thinking and strategies. ACR Strategies would love to have a conversation with you discussing various ways we can grow your revenues. Give us a call at 352-363-9682 or send an email to


Thought you might be interested on research regarding, "Do Americans Support Christian Businesses and Brand" (Barna Research February 14,2011 )


Managing by Christian Principles
The research looked at Christian-friendly consumers from two different angles. The first query asked the nationwide sample of U.S. consumers if they would be “more likely or less likely to buy a particular brand if they knew it was from a company that manages its business according to Christian principles, or wouldn’t it make a difference.”


Overall, about two out of every five adult consumers (43%) said they would be receptive to this type of transaction (with 27% of adults strongly so). While most respondents claimed to be indifferent (51%), only 3% indicated that an overt connection to the Christian faith would make them less likely to do business with this type of vendor. In other words, a product or service managed according to Christian principles generated a positive-to-negative ratio of 14 to 1.


Positively influencing society by expanding leaders, businesses, and organizations that reflect Christian values and teachings.

Fortune 500 companies founded by Christians

Making God the Lord of Your Business


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