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Media Strategies - AdMessenger & Explainer Videos
()Ratings Growth, Event Attendance, Revenue Increase, Movie Awareness,  App Downloads, Podcast Listeners, and Explainer Videos)

Christian radio listeners and Christian TV viewers typically are not simply listening/viewing for background noise as they go about their day, they are choosing a format with specific content that keeps their attention and is a part of their lifestyle.

They are a fiercely loyal audience and they want to do business with people they can trust. Other than that they are normal people with an extraordinary belief!

Strategy - Ratings Growth - There are two ways to grow a station/program's audience. Either you get your current people to consume more or you go after new /viewers. Below is an AdMessenger idea for securing additional new listeners/viewers for a Christian radio station
Target Audience - Christians Music Fans
Text Message - Looking for Uplifting, Family-Focused, Positive Christian Music? On your radio, tune to WNUE - 98.1. Yes, 98.1. Want to listen on-line? Tap here!
Clicks to - Your website page

Strategy - Underwriting Explainer Video -  Innovative way to pitch an ad agency .

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