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Christian Sports
 (Love of the game, Family environment, Prayer)

If there was a way to improve attendance at your sporting events that would improve athlete motivation and help to engage your local community, would you be interested?  We all know athletes want to play in front of a crowd. I think you would agree the hard part is how to draw in the community.


As a Christian school you have what society needs right now - Sports in a Christian environment! 

1. Sporting events where "prayer" is displayed - (wasn't the recent public prayer response to Damar Hamlin's injury amazing!)

2. A family atmosphere

3. No alcohol sales

4. Players play, for the most part, because they love the game


Parents are looking for exactly what you are offering. The issue is, they aren't fully aware of your offerings and/or they don't take the time to find out event dates and times. In this digital age a new approach to community awareness is necessary.


I have been in the advertising business for over 35 years and can say that the new mobile sports advertising service “AdMessenger” is the best, most effective, and efficient vehicle I have experienced for increasing attendance. I believe the reasons for this are:


1. The service is based on mobile devices and research has reported that, on average, Americans check their phones 96 times per day.
2. The ability to target your customers (in your case people who have an interest in a particular sport), target people with kids, military members, or people who like certain types of food, and many other ways.

3. Numerous ways to "Geo-Target" your customers. For example: Target people who are within "X" miles around your field. Target students. Target baseball fields in your area.etc.
4. Able to target by date and hour, changes are easy to make.



Christian Sports
Increasing Revenue


Playing For An
Audience of One!


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