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Planting a church is by no means a one-man job. You need the support of a team that brings a range of gifts to the table. Yes, you may be able to start with some people but you will need additional help. The traditional way to secure help is each person asking others. Well, today there is an additional tool to help attract the people you need. In the beginning you will most likely need people who are already Christians to help teach, run ministries, and church administration.


By utilizing a service called AdMessenger, you can target Christians within "x" miles around your church with a message like this: "Are you a Christian with a desire to grow the Kingdom by helping a local church plant? We need you! No experience needed - just a heart for Jesus! Tap for info."


People will click on the scrolling text ad and be taken to your website where they will find out the details of the kinds of people you need. If interested they contact you. How easy is that!


Here is a demo of the ad. Click here.


Ok, now you are well on your way to growing your team. AdMessenger can also help you attract people to your church through your website.


Today people in your community are searching for hope.  I think you would agree that the need for hope is universal! With issues like death, divorce, finances, medical issues, fake news, etc. the challenges of life can seem overwhelming. One of the greatest gifts God has given us is hope. His promises are designed to inspire hope. It gives us the ability to look at any situation and know God is going to come through. This is the essence of what hope is.


Our church has been targeting people who need “HOPE” with a service called AdMessenger. We target people who have or are experiencing issues related to death, divorce, finance, depression, and medical Issues. Last month alone we had over five hundred new users on the “HOPE” page of our website.

I have been using AdMessenger at my church for over two years. The service is affordable, does not require any long contracts, and it works!

The service allows you to define your target audience and display a scrolling text message on a mobile device to people within "X" miles of your location.


Click here for an AdMessenger Demo – Click on the scrolling message!


If you would like to see a demo for your church please let me know and I will send it to you at no charge.

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