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I have extensive experience in growing media revenue, ratings and people and I look forward to doing so for Christian TV & Radio, Streaming Services and Christian content creators. As Cable Operations Executive for Nielsen Media Research, I helped numerous cable networks find their target audience and increase their ratings. I helped develop ESPN and MTV's first Nielsen reports that resulted in national ad agencies buying ad time on the networks.


The Tampa Bay Interconnect was one of the first and best cable Interconnects in the country and as the GSM I helped grow the revenue to over $36 million in under 10 years. 


Three major strengths I bring to the table are  Effective Leadership, Extremely Strong Research Experience and the ability to bridge the gap between software/technology and customers. Through my career with companies like Nielsen Media Research, Time Warner, Bright House Networks, WTTA –TV, and WTSP-TV, I developed successful sales strategies for numerous digital product offerings such as Mobile Advertising, Video-on-Demand, Innovative Media Research, Web Advertising, Interactive TV Advertising, and new software products.


Effective sales leadership requires thinking outside the box, looking at situations from all angles, endless examination of research to mine actionable customer insights, and the passion of convictions to implement our insights and strategies.


Throughout my career I have been able to bring out the best in the people that I led and together we have widely exceeded expectations. Listed below are a few items that we, as a team, have accomplished.


-          Exceeded revenue budget even in a down economy

-          Implemented new revolutionary approach to uncovering customers needs

-          Leader in the selling of digital properties (Web, VOD, Mobile, etc.)

-          Numerous sales and commercial production awards

-          Development of new Sales Managers


Below is an excerpt of a letter from a salesperson which sums up my sales management effectiveness.


“ … Professionally, I have no doubt that you gave me a great set of tools to begin what I know will be a successful career in sales. You didn’t just show me a magic formula, or a specific technique. You helped me discover the skills I already have and gave me the confidence and the path to use them … something that will never get old or stop working … something that will help me as times change and as environments change around us all.”



I hope you will give us a chance to help grow your Christian media property to the next level and give the world what it needs ... Christian HOPE!


Click here to see some examples of work that I have done for The Joy FM radio group.

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