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A lot of organizations need an experienced marketing/project leader for special projects. They may need a fresh approach to driving sales. Some don't have the experience in-house for these special needs. That is why we are proud to offer ACR Strategies Freelance Services! It enables you to secure an experienced leader without having to hire a full-time employee.


Our focus is marketing, media research, sales management and new business revenue. Our Freelance services are designed for "short term" projects or we offer an innovative "X" hours a month option.


Below are major areas in which we specialize:


Sales Leadership

New Business Development

Media Research

Project Management

Church Management

Sports Revenue



Below are some major accomplishments from my 35+ years in Marketing/Sales Leadership


  • Over 20+ years TV/Cable Ad Sales Management experience.


  • Founder of ACR Strategies specializing in new business development.


  • Grew startup B2B organization (Tampa Bay Interconnect) into a $36 million dollar business within a 10 year period by focusing on new business development utilizing research insights.


  • Led country in New Business Development (Viamedia).


  • Impressive track record of innovative management of inventory based on media research to maximize revenue and minimize makegoods resulting in increased selling time for AEs.


  • Consistently achieved revenue targets ranging from $7 million to $36 million as Director of Sales for companies like Bright House Networks, and Nielsen Media Research, WTTA, and WTSP.


  • Over 25+ years developing ideas, techniques, and approaches to securing new business clients. Averaged between $1.5 and $9.5 million per year in new revenue from major corporations and advertising agencies across the country utilizing a new approach to customer/media research.


  • Secured over $750,000 in new revenue within an 18-month period utilizing a new research approach called “Stick It”. (Presentation aavailable at: )


  • Presented to over 100 account people at annual sales conferences in ‘07, ‘08 and ‘09. Trained on how to develop new business utilizing research. Over $250,000 new business revenue was the result of the training. (Presentations available at: )


  • Successful new revenue stream (Averaged over $350,000 per year ‘04 – ‘09) for interactive/digital products including web, mobile, VOD, interactive cable advertising, PPC and social media.


  • Developed and trained sales staff on the 4 ways to increase sales that resulted in over $450,000 in new business and was implemented as a standard sales technique within a span of 14 months.


  • Proven ability to manage agency-client-media relationships to maximize revenue.



For a full list of my experience click here for my LinkedIn profile.

Stick It!

Story Telling with Research

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