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We offer marketing consulting, media buying and selling, growth strategies, new business development, media sales representation/training, and other marketing services. All are designed to help Christian organizations with their “NEW.” That is new customers, new revenue, new visitors, new viewers, and new voters. We do this so that you can have a greater Christian influence in your world.


No matter what "NEW" you are looking for, what media you use, or were you are located success is achieved by a simple formula of Audience + Content = Results (ACR). Selecting the perfect AUDIENCE is the first critical step required. (Fish where the fish are!). The next critical step is to put CONTENT in front of that AUDIENCE that they are passionate about so you obtain the RESULTS you want!


We help our clients earn more revenue by connecting you with your best prospects (Audience) , with trusted Content they are passionate about, delivering Results that you are passionate about!   


Below are some of the major tools and services we offer.


Nielsen Media Research, Ad Messenger, The Joy FM, Google Analytics, Scarborough Research, Facebook Insights, Linkedin, Sales Navigator, AdWords, Simmons Marketing Research, AdMall, Census Data, RAB and many others.


ACR Strategies - 7 STEP PROCESS


1. Define your “WHY.” (Why does your business exist? What problem do you solve?)

2. Determine which of the “4 Ways” to increase your “NEW” is your goal.

3. Define and fully understand your Integrated Target Audience and TRUST issues.

4. Define “NEW” goals including any “REV/DEV” enhancements based on your sales process/funnel.

5. Develop “Content Strategy” based on Integrated Target Audience research.

6. Develop a “MARKETING PLAN & MEDIA BUYING” strategy for reaching your Integrated Target Audience and achieving the goals.

7. Monitor results and adjust plan(s) as needed. Learn from results.

ACR Strategies - Next Steps



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Positively influencing society by expanding leaders, businesses, and organizations that reflect Christian values and teachings.


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