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As you know the best and most efficient way to promote a Christian concert is to put the information in front of people who like Christian music. Until now that has been very hard to do. With AdMessenger you can do just that and target people within "X" miles of the venue!

So, what exactly is AdMessenger? It's a mobile advertising service that allows you to focus on your best target audience and have them see your message on their mobile device. It's one of the best ways to break through today's cluttered world. After all, research indicates that people are checking their phones on average 144 times a day!

Here is a link that describes AdMessenger in more detail. Click here.

The investment starts as low as $100 per venue and you will receive at least 10,000 impressions!

AdMessenger runs on mobile web inventory and on over 15,000 apps! Your ads appear at the bottom of the mobile device. The ad consists of your logo and a scrolling text ad of 150 characters in length.

The text can be changed easily, with no production cost at all and the CPM is $10 per thousand impressions. We can target Christians that are within "x" miles of an address. The ad can direct people to any webpage you would like or to a Facebook page.

What kind of results can you expect?  Below are the top 20  "Christian" campaigns we ran in the 1st quarter of 2024.

ADM Top 20 Results Q1 2024.jpg
ACR Strategies Christian Marketing Solutions - Concerts.jpg
ADM Concerts Phone pic.jpg
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