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We Americans love our mobile devices. Research indicates the average American spends 5 hours and 24 minutes on their cell phone each day! I would like to introduce to you an efficient and effective new service called "AdMessenger." A proven solution to reach people on their mobile devices and drive traffic to your events and website! 


You have heard the old saying, "Fish where the Fish are!" It is just a way of pointing out the wisdom that you want to place your message in front of people who want to see your information. AdMessenger is a mobile advertising service that allows you to hone in on your best target audience and have them see your message on their mobile device. It's one of the best ways to break through today's cluttered world. After all, research indicates that people are checking their phones on average 144 times a day!


Imagine being able to advertise to people who have an interest in your offerings, live within "x" miles of your location and have a mobile phone. They see your scrolling text ad at the bottom of their phone, click on the ad and are taken directly to your website to learn about your tremendous offerings.


I have been in the advertising business for over 35 years and believe this is one of the best advertising options available today. It is cost effective, easy to set up (we do the work for you) and it gets results!


See below for a short video that explains this new service for a Christian University.

See below for a demo that was put together for a church.


If you would like a demo put together for your organization please just let us know by sending an email to Of course there is no charge for the demo.

Christian University
Increase Sports Revenue

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